Ingredients in Wheat Thins

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Wheat Thins are a snack product produced by Nabisco. They are small, square crackers approximately 2 by 2 inches. Low in sodium as well as sugar, they have a mild wheat taste without any other distinct flavorings. Nabisco Wheat Thins boast 11 g of whole grain per serving, no high fructose corn syrup and a preparation method that includes toasting only, as opposed to frying.

Composite Ingredients

Several ingredients comprise Wheat Thins. Primarily, Wheat Thins contain whole-grain wheat flour, unbleached enriched flower, soybean oil, cornstarch, monoglycerides and vegetable coloring. The enriched flour contains added niacin, reduced iron, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin and folic acid. The vegetable coloring contais annatto extract, which is the pigmentation of the annatto fruit, and turmeric oleoresin. Turmeric has various healthful effects, primarily that it reduces serum blood sugar levels. However, this benefit will be negligible, as the turmeric content of Wheat Thins is for coloring, and in amounts inconsequential from a dietary vantage point. Monoglycerides are fatty acid chains that improve the consistency of products by acting as an emulsifier.

Flavor Ingredients

Wheat Thins contain all-natural ingredients to improve flavor. In order from greatest to least, the flavor-enhancing ingredients of Wheat Thins are sugar, malt syrup, invert sugar and salt. Malt syrup is a thick substance akin to molasses derived from barley and corn. Invert sugar is sucrose divided into fructose and glucose, then mixed. This mixture is sweeter than sucrose, while retaining moisture and consistency.


Wheat Thins contain one preservative, butylated hydroxytoluene. It is fat-soluble as well as organic and can act as an antioxidant. However, controversy surrounds butylated hydroxytoluen regarding whether it is carcinogenic. The amount of butylated hydroxytoluen contained in actual Wheat Thins is relatively minor, given that it is added to the packaging material rather than the Wheat Thins themselves, but it would be inaccurate to assume that Wheat Thins contain no butylated hydroxytoluen at all.