Can You Get Rid of Pimples & Blackheads Quickly, Without Products?

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It's enevitable: blackheads and pimples are bound to pop up on your face or body at some point. These pesky black dots and puss-filled bumps can be difficult to get rid of -- despite a routine cleansing routine. While you can let blemishes run their course, the quickest way to banish existing blemishes and blackheads -- and keep others at bay -- is to use over-the-counter or prescription products that feature acne-fighting ingredients. Without them, your breakouts may stick around longer than you'd like.

Watch What You Wash With

Cleanse your face with a hydrating, acne-fighting wash twice daily. Active ingredients such as sulfur, glycolic acid and lactic acid work to slough off dead skin cells, reduce any inflammation from pimples and remove dirt and oil.

Take to Toner

The right toner not only helps remove traces of leftover cleanser, but it can aid in the acne-fighting process. Choose a toner with salicylic acid which is proven to speed up the shedding of skin cells so that pores stay clear and have less chance of getting clogged with blackheads and sebum.

Dab on Medication

The last step in your cleansing process should be dabbing benzoyl peroxide on your pimples and blackheads. Start with 2.5 percent and move up to 5 percent if your skin can tolerate it. A board-certified dermatologist can prescribe other topical medications to keep skin clear, such as azelaic acid, Retin A, tazarotene and tretinoin.