Hydroquinone Benefits

creme image by andreas from Fotolia.com

Hydroquinone is an ingredient in creams used to lighten discolorations in skin. It works by reducing the amount of melanin in the skin, making darkened areas lighter. Hydroquinone-containing skin creams are available in both prescription and over-the-counter forms. Consumers are buying hydroquinone products for their convenience and results.

Easy to Apply

Hydroquinone cream is painless and easy to apply during your regular morning routine. Manufacturers recommend that the cream be applied regularly, usually twice a day, to the discolored areas of skin and rubbed in thoroughly, according to DermNet NZ. This ensures that the medication is applied only to the areas that need treatment.

Quick Results

Most patients who use hydroquinone cream see a change in the discolored skin within three weeks when using the cream twice a day, according to DermNet NZ. Although the cream may take longer to work in some patients, its effectiveness can usually be determined within four months. Alternative methods of treating skin discoloration, such as dermabrasion, require scheduled treatments and a healing period of several days or weeks, which hydroquinone does not require.

Few Side Effects

Patients who use hydroquinone cream rarely report side effects, according to MedicineNet. Those who do may report a mild skin irritation, which usually clears up as soon as the patient stops applying the hydroquinone cream. More severe allergic reactions, such as swollen or crusty skin or difficulty breathing, are rarely reported. In addition, hydroquinone cream rarely reacts with other medications, according to Drugs.com. Patients are advised to tell their doctors about all medications, supplements and herbal remedies they are taking before trying hydroquinone or any new medication.