How to Freeze Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken pot pie in a pan


A Pot Pie in Every Freezer

Hearty pot pies prepared and frozen can be future timesavers for busy moms. While you can freeze either baked or unbaked chicken pot pies, the unbaked dish promises more cooking success. A frozen baked crust turns soggy once you bake the pie because ice crystals leave moisture in the crust. But bake a pot pie that was unbaked when frozen and the crust begins to bake before it has a chance to thaw and become soggy.

This recipe calls for an unbaked pot pie. Use your favorite recipe for one large pot pie or for smaller, individual pot pies. This freezing method works for either size.

Total Time: 8 minutes | Prep Time: 8 minutes | Serves: N/A


  • 1 chicken pot pie, unbaked
  • Plastic wrap, freezer-quality
  • Aluminum foil


  1. Using heavyweight, freezer-grade plastic, wrap the entire pie, including the top and the bottom of the pot or pie pan. You don't need to let the pie filling cool before wrapping.
  2. Using aluminum foil, wrap the entire pot pie again from top to bottom.
  3. Place the wrapped pot pie in the freezer, allowing at least 3 inches on all sides to speed freezing.