Why Kate Middleton's Nutella Facial Is Actually Bad for You

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While most of us spread our Nutella over toast and crepes, the newest Nutella trend is spreading the chocolaty stuff on something pretty unexpected — your face.

In a recent interview, beautician Deborah Mitchell, who cared for Kate Middleton’s skin prior to the royal wedding, revealed an unusual at-home skin care trick on U.K. talk show This Morning: an anti-aging Nuella face mask.

While divulging her “beauty hacks fit for a princess_,”_ Mitchell admits that she uses “a chocolate spread … with nuts and a little bit of palm oil” on some of her royal clients, whose names she failed to mention.

We know what you’re thinking: Princess Kate wouldn’t smear her face with sugary, palm oil-laced Nutella, would she? Considering palm oil was deemed potentially carcinogenic by the European Food Safety Authority just last year and the $44 billion per year palm oil industry also been branded as a major contributor to deforestation, global warming and loss of orangutan habitat in Southeast Asia, we’re really hoping the answer to that question is a no!

US Weekly contributor Rose Walano says she can “certainly see the logic” behind smearing Nutella all over your face, considering “hazelnut is a fixture in many top beauty products, especially hazelnut oil.”

But we’re going to go ahead and say it’s likely healthier to simply use pure hazelnut oil extract — rather than sugary Nutella — to soothe and plump the skin.

Mitchell’s DIY Nutella face mask suggestion is all kinds of strange and definitely not verifiably healthy. All we know is we’re not smearing our skin with sugar and palm oil anytime soon, nor are we wearing socks filled with mashed banana and avocado (another of Mitchell’s curious beauty tips).

—Erin Mosbaugh

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