Which Face Cream Contains the Most Resveratrol?

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New products containing the latest "it" ingredient are released daily into the skin care market. Recently, the popularity of resveratrol (an antioxidant found in the skin of red grapes) has skyrocketed, both in the skin and health care worlds. In a nutshell, this wonder remedy has been found to help restore cellular health on all levels, from repairing damage caused by environmental toxins to regulating metabolism as the body ages.

Skin Health

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One of the biggest concerns in skin care is combating the effects of aging. As you age, collagen levels in the skin are broken down by free radicals from environmental factors such as UV rays and toxins. Skin, therefore, becomes more susceptible to cellular damage and signs of aging, like fine lines and wrinkles. Resveratrol, also touted as a potent anti-stress remedy, has the ability to reverse skin damage and restore it to a more healthy, youthful state.

Body Health

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Skin is not the only organ of the body that ages. Though you can't see your body aging internally, most would agree you can certainly feel it. Resveratrol has been credited with actually stimulating anti-aging genes in the body to slow down the gradual decline of internal systems. It has also been found to support heart health, cognitive function and a healthy metabolism. The best part? You can get your antioxidant fix from a glass of your favorite red wine.

Skin Care Products

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There is no shortage of lotions, creams and serums containing resveratrol available, so you won't have a problem finding one. The antioxidant's anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties have made it a mogul in skin care. While you may think that buying the product containing the most resveratrol is the best, keep in mind that skin care is subjective and that it's actually the combination of other ingredients that can make or break a product. Shop for face creams manufactured by well-known brands and read reviews online before choosing a product. You may need to try a few before you find one that is right for you.


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While resveratrol has many wonderful attributes, it can also become toxic in high doses. This risk is more inherent when ingesting resveratrol supplements than when slathering on face cream, but in both cases it is best to do your homework and pay attention to dosage amounts on labels before orally taking resveratrol or using a skin care product containing the antioxidant.