What Is the Lotion Used in Pedicures to Remove Calluses?


0:05 hi everyone my name is joy licensed nail

0:08 technician and I'm going to answer the

0:09 question for you today what is the

0:11 lotion used to remove calluses so only

0:14 thing I'm going to be using is the

0:16 callus remover and a little bit of

0:18 plastic wrap and to answer the question

0:20 more so than a lotion it is actually a

0:22 callus remover which is sort of a liquid

0:25 gel texture so what this does is you

0:29 apply it and it literally will break

0:31 down the callus so that you're able to

0:33 then roll it off either with a washcloth

0:36 or a pedicure wand whatever you choose

0:39 so I'm going to just show you how that's

0:42 done here and one thing you want to be

0:44 very careful of is this is pretty potent

0:47 stuff I mean it is natural but you want

0:49 to make sure that you only put it on the

0:51 callous areas you don't want to put it

0:53 on your your skin that is not calloused

0:57 because it actually can give you sort of

1:01 a little burn so be very careful use

1:04 only what you need so I'm going to take

1:05 a little bit here just a little and I'm

1:11 going to apply it to the heel okay

1:16 and the reason that we're using the wrap

1:19 is because we don't want the remover the

1:22 callus remover getting on anything else

1:24 any furniture any clothing okay you put

1:29 this on here

1:32 okay just wrap that there

1:38 and with this it acts very quickly you

1:41 want to let it sit maximum is about

1:43 three minutes you take off the wrap and

1:47 then as I said you're going to literally

1:50 be able to roll away that callus with

1:52 your exfoliator your washcloth whatever

1:56 you want to use just make sure that when

1:57 you're done you rinse very well so that

2:00 is the answer to the question of what

2:03 lotion is used to remove calluses and a

2:05 pedicure and again my name is joy thanks

2:08 for watching

2:14 you