What Is the Best Way to Remove Blackheads?


0:00 hello my name is dr. Loretta Sir Aldo

0:03 board-certified dermatologist and author

0:05 of six weeks to sensational skin this is

0:09 about the best way to remove blackheads

0:11 as a board-certified dermatologist I

0:14 cannot stand to see people picking at

0:17 their skin when you do that you're

0:20 liable to give yourself some acne

0:22 scarring so one thing we're gonna start

0:24 with is please keep your fingers away

0:26 from your face but none of us like to

0:28 have blackheads so what can we do I

0:30 highly recommend that you get an at-home

0:33 glycolic peel and put it on not only on

0:36 the blackhead but all over your face to

0:39 prevent you from getting blackheads in

0:41 the first place something like my clear

0:43 slate which is a 10% glycolic acid is

0:46 going to help your skin to really speed

0:50 up the shedding of dead cells within

0:52 your pores if you've got a blackhead or

0:55 two that are bothering you you take the

0:56 clear slate and you dab it over those

0:58 blackheads maybe three or four times a

1:01 day and then for the rest of your face

1:03 put on something like the clear slate a

1:06 10% glycolic once or twice a day to

1:09 prevent the blackheads from forming in

1:11 the first place

1:12 this is dr. Loretta Sir Aldo