How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks for Free


0:00 Are you tired of looking at those stretch marks, maybe you just had a baby or you've

0:04 been working out? My name is Keeley Selvage with "Keeley Skin Solutions" and I'm going

0:08 to show you how to diminish the look of those stretch marks. You can see here on our model

0:14 just in the crease of his arm he has got a few little stretch marks there so what we're

0:17 going to do first is apply some fresh cut lemon to the area, just like that, rub it

0:27 in a little bit, let that sit for five to ten minutes and what that is going to do is

0:35 lemon has a natural fruit acid in it and it is going to help to exfoliate or remove the

0:40 dead skin from the area and it is also very stimulating which we need for the area to

0:46 heal. So you want to wipe that off after it has sat for five to ten minutes and then you

0:57 want to apply an oil. You can use olive oil if you want, cocoa butter. I like to use almond

1:02 oil and apply it to the area. Almond oil is very hydrating and it is also stimulating.

1:11 Massage it for five to ten minutes which again is going to help to break up any scar tissue.

1:17 It is going to bring blood to the area and help the area to heal. You also want to remember

1:22 to always drink plenty of water, the more water the better and that is going to help

1:27 to plump the skin and that is also going to diminish the look of your stretch marks and

1:31 improve just about everything else on your body. My name is Keeley with "Keeley Skin

1:35 Solutions" and that is how you reduce the look of stretch marks.