What Is Liverwurst Made Out Of?

Liverwurst snack

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Liverwurst, a cooked sausagelike cold cut from central and eastern Europe, traditionally is made from liver and other organ meats. U.S. federal guidelines state that a product can be labeled as liverwurst if it contains at least 30 percent liver. Because liverwurst is created from various types of offal, and may include mechanically separated meat or meat byproducts, taste and texture vary widely among the brands.

A Medley of Ingredients

You can buy liverwurst made from a range of meats, including beef and venison. Texture also varies widely from fine, which produces slices somewhat like bologna sausage, to spreadable pates. Liverwurst flavoring ingredients include sausage standards like sage, marjoram, allspice and onion, and bolder ingredients like nuts. Some liverwurst products also carry the name Braunschweiger and are distinguished for containing mostly pork and being flavored with bacon.