What Is Apple Chutney?

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Apple chutney is a savory sauce made from apples, brown sugar, vinegar, onions and various herbs and spices. Its sweet and tart flavor complements meat dishes such as roast chicken, beef, ham and pork chops.

Chutney history

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Chutney originated in India as a condiment for traditional curries. The word comes from the Sanskrit word "chatni," which means strongly spiced. Chutney has evolved from its Indian roots. It is a popular side dish all over the world, served in a variety of ways—from spicy to mild.

Chutney recipes

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Free recipes for apple chutney are plentiful on the Internet. It can easily be made at home on the stove in about an hour. Once a basic recipe is mastered, it's easy to begin experimenting with different combinations of fruits, spices and herbs.

Creative options

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Apple chutney can be blended with cream cheese or sour cream to make a tasty spread for toast, bagels or crackers. It can also be mixed with olive oil and used as a marinade or glaze for meats; or it can be mixed with mayonnaise to use as a side dish for cold cuts or chicken.

Chutneys galore

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Chutneys can be made with a wide variety of fruits, not just apples. Popular choices include mangoes, peaches, apricots, rhubarb, green tomatoes, nectarines and apricots. Chutneys can also be prepared with non-sweet vegetables such as onions or zucchinis.