What Are a List of Foods That Have High Proteins in Them?

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Protein provides the body with the energy and nutrients that are necessary to build and repair bodily tissue as well as create and regulate hormones and enzymes in the body. Luckily protein is available in a number of different foods that we can easily work into our daily diets. Food categories such as meat, poultry, beans, fish and dairy all contain vital protein.


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While certain beans have a higher protein content than others, beans in general are a great source of protein. Tofu, which is made from bean curd, is one of the highest sources of protein from beans along with soybeans and lentils. Beans provide such a great deal of protein that vegetarians often use beans as a replacement for meat.


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Dairy-based foods like cottage cheese, yogurt and milk are extremely high in protein. Cheese also contains good amounts of protein. Whole milk dairy products tend to contain more protein than one percent or two percent milk products.


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The fish that have the highest protein content are sardines and tuna. If you don't like these varieties, you can also get protein from halibut, salmon and mackerel. Fish should be consumed in moderation because almost all fish contain some level of mercury.

Meat and Poultry

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Meat and poultry are the foods most people think of when they think of high protein foods. In this category, chicken and turkey are two of the highest protein content foods. Beef is also a high protein food. This can include ground beef and steak. Pay particular attention to the fat content of the meat you're eating though. Consuming too much could raise cholesterol.