What Is an Adoption Specialist?

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An adoption specialist is often a government employee that helps put prospective adoptive parents in touch with licensed agencies, laws, grants, subsidies, and gives advice. Each specialist handles questions of all sorts from parents, as well as referring people to licensed adoption agencies.


An adoption specialist works for a different government agency in each state. View the reference link below to see which department to contact in order to get in touch with your state's adoption specialist. It is not a legal reqiurement to speak to your state's adoption specialist, but he can be a great help in providing statistical information as well as easing the regulatory approval process for becoming an adoptive parent.


Adoption specialists are employees of the each state government. Which department they fall under differs on which state you're looking at adopting in - consult the reference to find the relevant contact information for you. "Adoption specialist" is not a legal term, and as such anyone with the expertise to call themselves one can serve as a specialist. If you are having trouble navigating the adoption system and have not found public assistance very helpful, you can consult with a private specialist.


Speaking with an adoption specialist will gain you access to independent reports on various adoption agencies. This will help you ensure that you remain within the law while you are looking for a new member to add to your family. Without going to a specialist, you may be unaware of many subsidies that you become eligible for when you elect to adopt a child.


In some states, there are regional adoption specialists as well that will cover adoption related issues at the local county level. These specialists should only be contacted if other avenues of inquiry have stalled or failed. The more information that you pick up regarding adoption, the less likely that problems will be encountered during the regular process.


If any issues are still unresolved, an adoption facilitator can give further advice about the process. Facilitators aid families by either putting them into contact with individual parents looking to give their children up for adoption or with agencies that are looking for homes for some of their children. A national charity like the National Council for Adoption (linked in the references) can also provide information and advice to prospective adoptive parents.