Victoria Rowell Hairstyles


0:05 hi I'm T Cooper I'm a New York City

0:08 makeup artist hairstylist and I'm also

0:10 co-founder of beauty and grooming

0:12 company Metro look today we're gonna

0:14 talk about how to get hair like victoria

0:17 rowell haven't seen her in a while I

0:19 used to watch her on Young and the

0:21 Restless all the time but I've been

0:23 seeing the hairstyle she's been rocking

0:25 a lot lately and it's awesome so for

0:27 this look you're going to need a

0:29 flatiron a one-inch is ideal I know some

0:34 of you call this a straightener so I'll

0:35 say a flat iron or a straightener

0:37 whichever one you refer to it as some

0:41 hairspray it's optional I don't usually

0:43 hairspray when I straighten hair but

0:46 some people like to do it they think it

0:47 makes it last little longer so if you

0:49 want so you can go there and also I

0:51 always like to straighten with a small

0:54 tooth comb because it creates some

0:56 tension so what you're gonna do is

0:58 you're gonna create a middle part then

1:04 we're gonna go in with a brush and we're

1:08 just gonna brush any tangles in the hair

1:10 it's the last thing you want to do is

1:12 try to straighten some tangled hair

1:13 honey it's not pretty you don't want to

1:15 break the hair off either so then we're

1:22 gonna section off that's hopped and I'm

1:27 gonna go in with my straightener so what

1:30 I do is I usually put the comb

1:33 underneath to create some tension and

1:36 also smooth the hair and then I just go

1:39 straight down

1:40 and I'm gonna go over it one more time

1:43 and as we get to the bottom we're just

1:47 gonna put a little bit of bend in there

1:49 cuz that's how she's wearing it so you

1:51 see that you just got a little bit of

1:53 bend in the bottom and just comb through

1:56 that part that's been straightened just

1:57 to smooth it then we're gonna go through

1:59 the top do the same thing but the top is

2:01 a little bit thicker so I'm gonna split

2:03 this into two

2:06 go through it with my comb Loranger

2:11 needs to hold it in place slightly bent

2:17 I'm bending sooner because there's

2:18 layers in the front and you see those

2:20 layers are bending underneath

2:22 I'm just gonna go over it one more time

2:26 see how pretty that is it's a nice sleek

2:29 hairstyle she's been wearing this a lot

2:31 lately and I think it's just beautiful I

2:33 look awful with straight hair but see

2:36 girls who can look really really pretty

2:37 with straight hair you better work then

2:42 go over one more time and then slide on

2:46 down and what just happened to me was I

2:49 got a mark in the hair and if that

2:51 happens to you ever it's really really

2:53 easy to fix all you have to do is

2:55 wherever the mark is just go over it

2:57 like that it's gone nice and simple

3:01 easy peasy and you can see what the look

3:05 is gonna look like by the time you're

3:06 done so you just repeat this process

3:08 throughout the entirety of the head and

3:10 you'll have a gorgeous victoria rowell

3:12 inspired hair - I'm tee Cooper thank you

3:15 for watching

3:20 you