Using Cocoa Butter on the Skin


0:00 hi this is dr. Loretta Sir Aldo from dr.

0:04 Loretta calm board-certified

0:06 dermatologist and author of six weeks

0:09 two sensational skin in this clip we're

0:12 going to talk about how to use cocoa

0:14 butter on your skin first thing I'm

0:17 going to tell you is if you'd like to

0:18 use it and it's a nice thing to use do

0:20 take off your rings because cocoa butter

0:23 is a little bit buttery and we don't

0:25 want it to kind of congregate and and

0:27 grease up your rings but I brought with

0:30 me my own bottle of the Palmer's cocoa

0:32 butter formula which has literally been

0:34 around for decades and as you'll see

0:37 cocoa butter is a very good ingredient

0:40 in terms of really helping you to retain

0:43 moisture in your skin and when we're

0:46 talking about areas like the hands which

0:48 we're constantly washing certainly

0:51 physicians or many job types if you're a

0:54 nurse a waitress a bartender a housewife

0:57 anything like this where you're washing

0:59 your hands a lot it's very nice to have

1:01 some cocoa butter right at your sink

1:03 with you so the first thing you're going

1:05 to see and how to use the cocoa butter

1:07 is that it's wonderfully moisturizing

1:09 but also what's so good about it is it

1:12 seeps right in so it's really giving you

1:14 invisible moisture and many people do

1:17 prefer this to something like a vaseline

1:20 or a really petroleum-based product

1:23 where you see that there's a little bit

1:25 of a grease enos to your skin so why do

1:28 you want to be using it well we

1:30 recommend first of all first thing in

1:32 the day when you come out of your shower

1:34 put on that cocoa butter and then if you

1:37 have it around your sink it's a very

1:40 good thing to remember that every time

1:42 we wash our hands

1:43 we're actually drying out our skin so

1:46 during the course of the day you want to

1:48 have your cocoa butter and you want to

1:50 be putting it on your hands I also

1:53 highly recommend that you keep it at

1:55 your sink for your hands but think about

1:57 putting it also on your feet every

1:59 morning and night and it's going to give

2:01 you that very dewy appearance and the

2:04 velvety feel that well moisturized skin

2:07 does have thank you this has been dr.

2:10 Loretta Sir Aldo