A Trick for How to Tell a Hard-Boiled Egg From a Fresh One

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Telling hard boiled eggs from uncooked eggs is especially useful if you're wont to store them together in your fridge. Boiled eggs are a portable source of protein that you can eat with just a little salt, sliced and tucked between layers of veggies on a sandwich, or crumbled and spread over a salad. But be sure to reach for the hardboiled. There's a foolproof trick to tell hardboiled from uncooked.

Put A Spin on the Story

Boiled eggs are essentially solid from inside out, while raw eggs are filled with liquid. Spinning eggs on a flat surface is a sure way to determine if they're boiled or not. Boiled eggs will spin easily, rather like a solid object. Uncooked eggs, being filled with liquid, tend to wobble and not to spin at all. The liquid inside them causes their center of gravity to constantly shift, interrupting the egg's momentum. Also, a boiled egg will stop spinning if you lightly touch it while it's spinning. A raw egg will continue to wobble and move about because its contents are not affected by the touch of your finger.