The Best Diamond & Jewelry Cleaner

by Pharaba Witt

Keeping your jewelry clean and beautiful does not have to be difficult.

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When cleaning jewelry, you have to consider what type of jewelry it is. Silver and gold do better with different cleaners. With that in mind, you also have to consider the type of gemstones in the gold or silver. When dealing with diamonds, you are in luck, because they are quite durable.


One of the best ways to clean jewelry is with an ultrasonic cleaner. These use high-frequency sound waves to create bubbles in a solution helping the fluid to get into the hidden cavities of the jewelry. This type of cleaning works for any durable stone, but you should be careful if your diamond or stone has any flaws, as the diamond could fracture.


Steaming is another popular method of cleaning. You should avoid extreme temperature change when using this method, as it can also cause fracturing. Diamonds are usually fine with this type of cleaning. Steaming is good for the jewelry, but never put the jewelry in boiling water, as this could cause thermal shock and possible fracture.


Ionic cleaners are also available. These cleaners do not use ultrasonic waves or any ammonia. This is safe for fragile stones as well as those with flaws. They can also clean both silver and gold, even waterproof watches. The machine uses electricity to ionize the dirt, helping it to fall off the jewelry.

Liquid Cleaners

There are many liquid cleaners available as well. Most jewelry stores sell them, and they are often ammonia-based. You usually soak the jewelry in the solution and then use a brush to remove any remaining dirt. Most do not find this as effective as cleaners that use electricity or heat. Some jewelers even recommend using warm water and plain dishwashing liquid.

Polishing Cloth

Investing in a polishing cloth will also help to keep your jewelry in the best shape possible. Sometimes a good polish is all a gem or metal requires in order to get it in tip-top shape. If you keep the jewelry polished between deeper cleanings, you will find the jewelry to be more consistently shiny.

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