How to tell your crush you like them

by Tomiko Cary

A crush is nothing more that an attraction one shares for another person. Usually, your crush has some adorable quality which makes you want to explore the possibility of a relationship. Whether you are a pre-teen, teenager or an adult, having a crush can be awkward when you want to tell the person that you like them. Read on to learn how how to tell your crush you like them.

Just tell them. The most direct way to get your point across is by being honest with yourself and your crush. Just tell them that you would like to know them better. Try this by asking if you could have a moment in private or maybe go to a cafe for a specialty drink.

Send them a Thinking of You card. Stop by your local store and pick up a cute card. This is a really great way to break the ice. It is inexpensive and fun. Pick a card that fits your personality.

Buy a small token of appreciation. Show your crush that you like them by buying them a small gift such as flowers, candy, a book or magazine. You can stop by and say, “I thought you might like this” or “I was thinking about you today and I decided to get you something.” Opening up to your crush helps soften the mood. Eventually, you will be able to tell them you like them.

Ask a mutual friend to intervene. If you share the same circle of friends, enlist a reliable one to help you out. Tell them that you are interested in the person.

Send an email. Email is often the most indirect and less frightening way to express all of your thoughts and emotions without physically being in the same space as your crush. Try to send a light-hearted email.

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Brought to you by LEAFtv
Brought to you by LEAFtv


  • Try to find out if your crush has a significant other before you express your interest in them.
  • Speak to your crush in private. This can help alleviate any possible embarrassing moments.
  • Remember that there is a 50/50 chance of rejection, so mentally prepare your self for the possibility.
  • Mutual friends are a good source to find out if your crush is worthy of you.


  • Remember that emails can be forwarded to others. So choose your words wisely.
  • Do not tell them your deepest thoughts and fantasies. Remember to be very “light” on the initial conversation. You do not want to risk scaring off your crush before you even go on a date.
  • Keep your crush a secret. The last thing you need is some blabbermouth telling on you.

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