Sunday School Ideas for Young Adult Classes

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Sunday school is a class held during Christian church services where biblical lessons are taught. Sunday school is held for people of all ages from very small children to adults. Sunday school ideas for young adult classes may include a look at important biblical topics such as entering adulthood, life lessons and marriage.

Biblical Questions

Discuss with young adults some of the major questions of the Bible, such as: Who wrote the Bible? What does God expect of us? When was the Bible written and did God write it? Allow the young adults in Sunday school to discuss with the class what they believe to be true in the Bible. Dismantle some of the myths young adults may have heard about the Bible.

Entering Womanhood

Hold a Sunday school class specifically for young adult women and men. Focus on what it takes to live a biblical life as a young woman or man. Invite a few older women and men to speak to the group. Allow them to discuss topics such as dating and marriage, what to look for in a partner and how to know you have met the partner God intends for you. Also discuss career paths and how to live a Christian life in a workplace where others may not have Christian beliefs.

Marriage Panel

Invite married couples to talk to the Sunday school group of young adults. Since many young adults will be contemplating marriage, allow them to speak to married couples and have their questions answered. Major questions to discuss would be how soon to get married, deciding on how many children to have and how to know if marriage is the right step. Another important topic of discussion would be divorce and its impact on the Christian family, when divorce is allowed biblically and how to prevent divorce.

Life Lessons Play

Hold a play. Have the Sunday school class for young adults put on a play that acts out major decisions in life and how having God in their life makes a difference in the outcome. Allow the class to write and produce the play and have them act it out in front of the rest of the congregation. The play would depict Christian young adults having to make decisions in life such as deciding on keeping an unplanned pregnancy, deciding if they have chosen the right mate or slipping away from their Christian beliefs and coming back to God. This play would be performed to show other adults – young and old – that they are not alone in the situations they face.