Styles for Hair Color With Lowlights


0:04 hi I'm Robbie lariviere

0:07 here at the fabulously assure no hotel

0:09 in Beverly Hills today I'm going to show

0:12 you how to style hair that has low

0:14 lights in it

0:15 for instance take our beautiful model

0:17 Molly here as you can see her hair has

0:20 been a low lighted and it looks

0:22 fantastic but the question is how do you

0:24 show off these low lights how do we

0:26 illuminate these beautiful ribbons of

0:28 color that are in the hair I have just

0:30 the solution for you why don't you go

0:32 ahead with your curling iron and throw

0:34 in some loose lovely curls to truly show

0:37 off the dimension here another great way

0:39 to show up dimension is simply by doing

0:41 a braid that this braid is instantly

0:44 what we'll be able to show off the

0:47 gorgeous ribbon of color with her low

0:48 lights all too often with these braids

0:51 the hair gets lost it looks like a giant

0:54 dreadlock but with Molly who has her

0:56 high and low lights we're really able to

0:58 show off that to mention in the hair so

1:01 you if you haven't already put some

1:03 dimension in your hair go tell your

1:05 hairstyles to put in some lowlights and

1:07 you too can look as fabulous as Miss

1:09 Molly here with that i'm robi lariviere

1:11 here at laser know salon and that is how

1:15 you style low lighted hair thank you so

1:17 much

1:23 you