How to Help someone in Jail

by braniac

When a loved one or acquaintance is confined to a cell, there are many things a friend or family member can do to help them. I offer my information to you, so you will know those things, just in case you have a similar event in your life sometime. Besides being hurtful to the person in jail, the pain of having that special person incarcerated hurts anyone who cares about them too.

Court hearings will be set and the support of you attending those meetings can let the person in jail, know you have not abandoned them because of the act that landed them there. Offer to take other family members who might not have thought about going alone to court. When you help the other members of the family, you are helping the person in jail too.

If you are able to, offer financial security. Your money is not always able to be given, so even contacting a bond agent is some assistance to the person in jail.

There might be many ways to buy groceries for family members who were left at home, while time is being served by the head of the household or contributing bread winner. Any cooking or supplying of food will be appreciated. At times of crisis, sometimes the necessities are not first and foremost in the minds of those at home without their loved one. They are hurting and should not be punished along with the person in jail, since they did not commit any illegal act. Drop off a meal that can be saved, just in case there is food planned for that dinner time.

Letters from you and people who can verify character of the person in jail can be sent to the presiding judge of the case governing the accused. Address the Judge in your letter as The Honorable Judge, followed by their full name.

Keep in close contact with family members of the jailed person by phone, computer and personal visits. This can help the person in jail and the affected children and struggling partner at home as well.

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