Should You Wear Hosiery With Open-Toe Shoes?


0:00 my name is olive age I'm going to talk

0:02 about topic of wearing hosiery with

0:05 open-toed shoes

0:06 well it used to be a serious fashion

0:09 faux pas

0:10 then hosiery went to having an open

0:12 section for your toes to peek out but

0:14 then if you didn't choose the right

0:15 color your legs might be brown and you

0:17 have white toes sticking out which you

0:18 even drew more attention to the fact

0:20 you're wearing hose with open-toed shoes

0:22 but now shoes have gone they've kind of

0:25 created their own identity especially

0:27 for the trends of reports and

0:30 projections for 2010 they have long pink

0:34 leather tassels on them they have beads

0:36 they have the heels or changing and a

0:38 lot of them are open their lace a lot of

0:41 the shoes encompass your entire foot and

0:43 a lot of them leave out your toe and all

0:45 over the the catwalk the runways that

0:47 are happening even the previews that are

0:49 coming out that hasn't even made it to

0:50 the runway yet their toes and in hose

0:54 showing so it may be something that

0:56 you're not used to seeing in your area

0:58 but wearing hose with open-toed shoes is

1:01 perfectly acceptable now one way to do

1:03 it if you're not completely feeling okay

1:06 about if you're not used to styling you

1:07 kind of want to try it out maybe stick

1:09 to something monochromatic you know

1:10 where your dark shoes with your dark

1:13 hose and then you won't feel like you're

1:15 breaking such a rule or if you're in an

1:16 area that's maybe not on the cutting

1:18 edge but you want to use this style

1:19 that's a way that you can be on the

1:22 cutting edge yourself and not have

1:24 someone kind of call you out on it or

1:25 ask you questions or say anything about

1:28 it because this style of wearing hose

1:30 with open-toed shoes perfectly

1:31 acceptable now if you're wearing hose

1:34 with your open-toed shoes the only thing

1:36 that I would really steer clear of is

1:38 doing something so loud that everyone's

1:40 looking at your legs and not your outfit

1:42 also if you have curvy legs and it's not

1:46 something that you really want to

1:47 highlight you probably stay away from

1:48 the colors all the hoes have have gone

1:52 just as crazy as the shoes have their

1:53 stripes

1:54 there's polka dots there's textures

1:56 there's patterns some of the hose just

1:58 have something on the back of them you

2:00 know and it's not a line like the 50s

2:02 like it's actual patterns so you want to

2:04 think about how that's going to look on

2:05 on your leg on your shape you know if

2:07 you've got really muscular calves and

2:09 it's got a crazy pattern maybe instead

2:10 of using your own size maybe go up a

2:12 size then it won't stretch

2:14 as much and then it won't highlight

2:15 those areas that that you don't want to

2:17 highlight