Shampoos to Put Color Into Bleached Gray Hair


0:06 hi I'm Danielle valiente with atmosphere

0:10 salon and our question is what shampoos

0:13 can put color into bleached gray hair

0:16 you can go with violet or platinum

0:19 shampoos or golden toned shampoos and

0:23 the violet is going to keep your gray

0:27 blonde light and bright and the golden

0:30 is going to give you some natural golden

0:32 honey tone to the hair more of a

0:36 sun-kissed kind of feel I would try to

0:39 avoid color shampoos that are Reds

0:42 Browns and blacks because they will when

0:46 applied over a gray hair they will

0:49 create a more washed out look so I would

0:53 stay away from those and stick more with

0:56 golden or platinum violets to work with

1:01 your highlighted gray hair so that's

1:05 what shampoos I recommend to put color

1:08 into gray bleached hair I'm Danielle

1:11 valiente with atmosphere salon

1:19 you