Romantic Morning Ideas

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People in relationships may find it hard to spend quality time together in the morning. The morning can be a very romantic time spent together between two people. The morning rush during the work week might encourage habits of sleeping later on weekend mornings, but it is important to remember that all relationships benefit by spending that time working on keeping the romance alive.

Breakfast in Bed

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Having breakfast in bed allows for more time in comfy pajamas. Making breakfast together will encourage more communication in a relationship. However, when one person surprises the other with breakfast it will be more romantic. Food choices can focus on a romantic theme, such as heart-shaped pancakes. Being relaxed will have a positive effect on a persons mood. Eating breakfast is beneficial to overall health, and sharing time improving health is romantic.

Go for a Walk

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If a workout is already part of the morning routine, it can be made into a romantic part of a relationship. It is romantic to take walk to a special spot. When returning to a location that brings back happy memories, a couple will reminisce and be reminded of the significance of romance in a relationship. Being outdoors is healthy and refreshing. People who walk together will be helping the health of their heart in physical and emotional ways.

Special Delivery

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The morning rush may leave some people in a not-so-great mood. By having something delivered to a significant other, that mood can be easily changed from bad to good. Flowers and candy are good ideas to have delivered to women. For men, sending a card or having food delivered would be romantic ideas. It is extremely romantic to surprise someone, and to let them know they are being thought of.


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Massages can be intimate and relaxing. Romance can also be intimate and relaxing. Massages are a service that a couple can provide to one another free of charge. It is an activity that can be very romantic in regards to a setting. Choosing to light candles and dim the lights will begin to create a romantic environment. By performing a massage, a person is helping someone feel better. The act of caring is very romantic in relationships.