Resources for Families Who Do Not Speak English

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Many new communities are forming in America that have different cultures and languages. It is for this reason that there are many resources available for families who do not speak English. From new technology to government programs, there are various different modalities available. If your goal is to learn English or just to communicate with your local neighbors, offices or government, there is something for everyone.

Online Translators

If you are writing a letter or proposal, online translators can be helpful resources. Websites such as, and offer translation services in many different languages. Keep in mind that they do not always translate with correct grammar, so it may be beneficial to have someone who is bilingual look your documents over for mistakes.

Learning English

You can easily find classes at your local university or community college that teach English as a second language. You can also use books, dictionaries and online courses such as, which offers a free online course.

Hire a Translator

Many times if you are dealing with a government agency or a school, they will have resources available to help you find a translator. In cases such as sign language, the translator will often be at no cost due to the Americans With Disabilities Act. Contact your school's counselor's office or government Civil Rights office to see if they can help you find a suitable translator.