Relief Society Birthday Meeting Ideas

Relief Society is a non-profit organization of women, also called sisters, that exists within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The Relief Society organization was founded on March 17, 1842 in Nauvoo, Illinois. The motto of Relief Society is "Charity Never Faileth." Every year in March, each ward (congregation) or stake (multiple congregations) throughout the world celebrates the organization of Relief Society. How this birthday is celebrated is up to the local leaders of each congregation or stake. There are many ways to celebrate such an important day in the LDS church.

Charity Never Faileth

Since "Charity Never Faileth" is the world wide motto of Relief Society, it is a good theme to plan the Relief Society birthday around. The birthday celebration is always held in March, therefore wards and stakes can plan ahead, taking pictures of service that the women in the community offer each other. They can then compile these pictures into a slide show and present it at the birthday celebration. Have some women talk about how being served by someone else changed their life. Have them describe the circumstances of the service and the feelings that they experienced because of it.

Honor Past Ward or Stake Relief Society President's

Each ward is assigned a Relief Society president to preside over the women within a congregation. There is also a Relief Society president assigned to each stake. Most Relief Society presidents serve a period of three to five years on average. One way to celebrate the Relief Society birthday is to honor the presidents that have served within each ward and stake. Express gratitude to each president and have other women whom they served share personal stories of them. This is a great way to look at the history of a ward and stake as well as its progression.

Relief Society Around The World

Another way to celebrate the Relief Society birthday is to learn about different traditions and customs of other Relief Societies around the world. Though all Relief Societies, regardless of where they are, share the same common goal, to serve each other and help bring each other closer to Christ, they still have differences that can be shared and taught. Invite women from your ward or stake that have lived in another country to talk on what life as a Relief Society sister is like in that country. You can also ask women that served missions in foreign countries to share their experiences about the sisters that they served while there. Celebrating the birthday this way helps take each individual ward and stake out of their own community and allows them to experience what Relief Society is like across the world.