Pros & Cons of UV Gel Nails

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Pretty nails make you feel polished and confident. People notice little things, such as the look of your hands. If you are not able to get a professional look at home, or have nails that break easily, consider gel nails, which are of fake nail that differ from from acrylic nails. In contrast to acrylic nails, gel nails are thinner and tend to look more natural. Consider the pros and cons of UV gel nails before booking an appointment.


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One of the main benefits of gel nails are that they look and feel natural. For those who do not want the world to know about their nail enhancements or need a professional look, this is a pro for gel nails. The reason that UV gel nails look natural is that they are flexible and thin like real nails. Acrylic nails do not have these same qualities.


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A pro of UV gel nails is that they do not generally damage your real nails. A criticism of other types of fake nails is that it can take months, or even years, to get healthy natural fingernails after using the fake nail. This is especially true for acrylic nails. The reason that gel nails cause less damage is that a drill is not used on the nails. Before acrylic nails are put on nails, the technician often roughs up the surface of the nails.


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Gel nails are decidedly more expensive than acrylic nails. This is one of the disadvantages. The cost of gel nails depend on state and city. As of 2011, in a Seattle area salon, the price of a full set of gel nails is approximately $65. The price of fills, done every two weeks to touch up the nails, is $45.


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A drawback of UV gel nails is that they are not as solid as acrylic nails and thus break easier. They do not, however, break as easily as natural fingernails. Breaks can be prevented by not using your nails as tools for opening things or fixing things. Baby gel nails to prevent splits and breaks.