Proper Care of Turquoise Stones

turquoise ring image by Vladislav Gajic from

Turquoise stones paired with silver jewelry are a favorite among many people. Because of the softness of turquoise and the porous nature of the stone, you must protect your turquoise jewelry from damage. Turquoise is particularly vulnerable to impacts that might chip or crack it and also to color changes resulting from chemical exposure. If you allow oils and other chemicals to penetrate into the turquoise stone surface, these chemicals will change the color of your turquoise. Take proper care of turquoise stones to ensure they stay beautiful for years.

Clean your turquoise stones with a soft cleaning cloth or brush after every wearing. Dampen the cloth slightly and rub the stone lightly to remove surface soiling. If you use a soft brush, dampen the brush lightly and rub softly over the turquoise stone. Dry the turquoise stone well.

Remove your turquoise jewelry before you use any chemicals. This includes showering, washing your hands, washing dishes, swimming in a chlorinated pool, applying lotions, perfumes or hair products and cleaning with household chemicals. Always put your turquoise stones away in a sheltered location before you spray or use any chemicals so the surface of the turquoise does not absorb the chemicals.

Take off your turquoise jewelry before you engage in any house work or yard work. This includes gardening, automotive maintenance, house cleaning, painting and remodeling. Because you can easily chip or crack turquoise while performing this work, you should always remove your turquoise jewelry before working.