Prom Hairstyles: Free Online Guide to Cutting, Coloring & Styling Hair


0:00 my name is juan lino you can visit me on

0:02 my website at WWE so i wan calm i'm

0:07 available for all of these services and

0:09 the first topic that we're going to

0:10 discuss right now is prom hairstyles and

0:15 the three things that you might want to

0:17 consider when thinking about prom

0:19 hairstyles are the lengths the texture

0:22 of the hair and what type of style or

0:25 maybe dress that you're thinking of

0:28 wearing you have three different types

0:31 of styles that you can choose from

0:33 pretty much you know you go through an

0:35 elegant style somewhat sassy or hipper

0:39 style or something that's kind of off or

0:43 not as natural as a elegant style

0:47 elegant styles usually do more with

0:48 curls they're kind of pulled up to the

0:51 back and they're pretty you know all of

0:53 the hair is pretty tied up at the top

0:56 sassy sassy hairstyles or kind of casual

1:00 hairstyles are loose updos kind of half

1:03 up half down hipper hairstyles or pinned

1:06 up you know they're kind of spike year

1:08 straight those are things to consider

1:09 you might want to consider what type of

1:12 dress you have if you do have an open

1:14 back it's possible that you can let your

1:15 hair down with the curls but just keep

1:19 in mind that you always want to prepare

1:21 for the situation and practice

1:24 beforehand so that you're not stuck on

1:26 the first night of the prom without a

1:28 good hair dude