Pageant Tips on How to Win Over the Judges

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Whether this is your first pageant or you’ve been trying to win the crown for years and have been coming up short, you’ll want to try some tips to win over the pageant judges. Differentiate yourself from your competitors by covering all of your bases. The most beautiful girl isn’t a shoe-in to win the pageant; you have to have inner beauty and poise, as well.


During the pageant, you’ll be wearing multiple dresses and swimsuits. They should all be chosen, tried on and tailored long before the pageant. They not only have to fit perfectly on your body, but you have to be comfortable wearing them, as well. A large part of looking attractive is feeling happy and confident, and if you’re uncomfortable in what you’re wearing, it will be difficult to project those positive qualities.


You’ll most likely have to give a private interview with a judge. To make sure you ace it, you should stay on top of news topics; several questions may have to do with the current state of the world. The judge wants to see that you’re not only up to date on important news, but also that you can form an educated opinion of a situation. The interview portion is also important because the beauty pageant winner will be attending functions and be expected to speak clearly and respond to sometimes difficult questions. She needs to be able to rise to the occasion.

Body Language

Your judges will be paying attention to you from the second you’re in their view. Make sure to make eye contact with them and smile. You’ll also want to glance at the crowd from time to time and flash them your killer smile as well. Always lead with the leg that’s closest to the judges. Wherever you’re walking to, move slowly and don’t swing your arms. After you stop to pose, you can opt to do a turn too; just make sure that you can pull off a graceful turn. If you haven’t practiced, it’s best to skip it.


Consider hiring a pageant consultant if you’re not sure what to expect at the pageant, or if you feel like you just can’t win no matter how hard you try or how many pageants you’ve entered. Your pageant consultant will coach you on possible interview questions and how to answer practically any question you’re asked; how to carry yourself; and how to exude confidence. Most consultants will offer a first consultation for free, so that you can see if this service is right for you.