Meals for Camping to Cook on a Gas Grill

by Kate Bradley
Save the marshmallows for the campfire and make a real campout meal on your gas grill.

Save the marshmallows for the campfire and make a real campout meal on your gas grill.

Take your gas grill on your camping trip, and instead of having the same old burgers and hot dogs, switch it up and grill an exciting variety of foods. Prepare foods for your cooler ahead of time to save prep time at your campsite, and pack them into zip-bags labeled for each meal. Follow food safety guidelines and keep raw meats, vegetables and fruits in separate bags. You'll surprise your family with tasty, nutritious meals straight from the grill. Just be sure to pack plenty -- nothing makes kids hungrier than hiking, swimming and outdoor activities.

Meals with Vegetables

Keep fresh veggies on hand and you've got a delicious meal any time you like. Take along a package of tortillas and make grilled vegetable burritos. After you finish grilling the veggies, toss the tortillas on the grill for just a minute to warm them. Don't forget dry dressing and dip mix for seasoning. Or, bring a big baguette and fresh vegetables. Place the vegetables on a sheet of foil on the grill and let them cook slowly until they're lightly crisped. Brush garlic butter on the bread and grill it lightly just before the veggies finish.

Meals with Protein

If you're camping and hiking, you'll need to keep your energy up with a healthy daily dose of protein. A breakfast of grilled bacon strips and eggs will set you up for the day; all you need is a camp skillet to set on the grates. Or, grill chicken strips, add shredded cheese and drizzle with creamy dressing for a quick and tasty meal. You could also make your own veggie burgers. Combine ground beef with finely chopped vegetables and dry dressing and seasoning mix, then grill. If you go fishing, bring your catch back to the grill for a super-fresh and delicious meal.

Meals with Carbs

Healthy carbohydrates are nutritious, filling and economical, and they provide you with energy. Take along pre-packaged pizza dough, tomato sauce and shredded cheese. Lightly grill the dough on both sides, then turn off the grill. Quickly brush the dough with tomato sauce, add the cheese, and place the pizza back in the still-hot grill for a few minutes to heat the toppings and melt the cheese. Scrub whole small potatoes and brush them with olive oil or spray them with olive oil cooking spray. Sprinkle the potatoes with dry dressing mix and grill them. Bring shelf-stable, single-serving sized creamy ranch dressing for dipping. You could also lightly grill whole wheat pita pockets and stuff them with grilled banana chips and peanut butter for an excellent pick-me-up snack or light meal.

Other Ideas

Don't neglect your daily dairy needs just because you're camping. Lightly grill low-fat bagels and then spread them with low-calorie cream cheese. Spear chunks of meat and vegetables on wooden skewers and grill them. They're easy to eat, nutritious and virtually mess-free. Mix precooked brown rice, vegetables, shredded chicken and a little olive oil in a foil packet, one packet per person. Add a dash of dry spicy ranch dressing mix and cook the packet on a medium grill with the lid closed. You can also simply grill a sandwich -- two thick slices of bread, lunch meat and some thinly sliced or finely chopped vegetables are all you need for a super fast and hot meal. Drizzle your hot sandwich with ranch dressing for a taste treat.

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