How to Know If a Man Has Genuine Feelings for You

Noel Hendrickson/Photodisc/Getty Images

It’s normal to wonder whether you're reading your dating partner’s feelings right. You are concerned about your feelings and how your relationship could affect your child. If he hasn’t talked about his feelings, or if his actions don’t match his words, his actions may demonstrate the depth of his feelings, suggests psychiatrist Fredric Neuman in “How Far Should I Trust ‘I Love You?’” Actions are more honest than words.

How He Treats You

You can determine how a man feels about you by the way he treats you, reports eHarmony. If he cares deeply for you, he will treat you respectfully and attempt to take care of you, whether you need him to or not. He will listen to your opinions and consider what you say. When he holds you close in public, it’s obvious he is staking his claim. He demonstrates a “we” mentality more than an “I” mentality -- selfless rather than selfish. He tries to ensure that your emotional needs are met.

Your Involvement in His Life

A man with genuine feelings for you makes you an integral part of his life, reports psychologist John Gray in "5 Signs that a Man is Ready to Commit." He might invite you to watch him bowl even if he knows that you don’t bowl -- and offer to teach you if you show an interest. You’re on his mind during the day, receiving texts several times a day, a call to say hello or an email that lets you know he’s thinking of you. He introduces you to his friends and family and makes plans that include you.

What He’s Willing to Do

Many men are more comfortable showing their love through actions rather than through words, says Dr. Phil. Your man might maintain your car so he knows you are safe on the road or offer to pick up your child when you are running late. He’s willing to compromise and find workable solutions instead of insisting on his own way, reports eHarmony. He will disagree with you, fight fair and apologize when wrong rather than avoid conflict and sweep things under the rug. He expresses physical affection that doesn’t require a sexual response.

Blending Your Lives

Just because he professes his love today doesn’t mean he will continue to want a relationship in the future, advises relationship coach Lauren Gray in “Is It Just Sex or Does He Genuinely Care for Me?" When he talks about the future with you in it and begins to blend your lives together, such as buying a house or car together, talking about having kids or opening a joint bank account, he is planning for you to be a part of his life for years to come, notes psychiatrist Paul Dobransky in "10 Signs He Wants to Marry You" for "Cosmopolitan."