How to Love a Woman

If men only knew how easy it is to romance us...we are not as tricky as most fear. We need to feel appreciated, and above all, desired. Read on to learn more.

Appreciation. Thank her for the little things she does for you. When a woman takes care of you, thank her. Do it with words, a hug and kiss, or a wink. Whatever your method, let her know that you appreciate her. The more you praise, the more she will want to do for you.

Special. A woman needs to feel special to her man. It is vital to the relationship that a woman does not feel like she is just a body. A man needs to let his woman know that she is a prize and he feels lucky to have her. He needs to find ways to show her and tell her with words how much she means to him.

Listen. A woman needs to be heard. Sometimes men dread when women talk. Usually when a woman is chatty, she is happy. If men realized this, they wouldn't mind her talking so much about her day, or how she feels about things. When a man listens to his woman when she talks and seems interested, a woman bonds more closely to him because she feels truly cared about.

Love & Tenderness. Smile at your woman when she walks into the room. Greet her and treat her like a lady. Say good morning and always kiss goodnight. Touch often, even when it does not lead to anything sexual. When a man touches his woman tenderly, he is showing love and it makes a woman feel secure and valuable.

Dream and support. Discuss your hopes for the future and share your dreams. Support her when she pursues her interests and she will return the favor.

Play. Don't stop playing just because you're an adult. Board games, card games and simply chasing her around the house can be great fun for both of you. Some couples have fun playing harmless tricks on each other or even role playing in the bedroom...but that's for another article.