How to Look Good After an All-Nighter

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Whether you're up all night because of an upcoming presentation or because of a binge-watching TV session that got out of hand, come morning, you need to put yourself together and greet the day. While some breakfast and a triple-espresso can make you feel a little better, it's just as important to look like you got some of the shut-eye that eluded you all night long. Looking good after an all-nighter is a simple matter of disguising the evidence of your nocturnal behavior.

Step 1

Prepare something cold for your face, because staying up late leaves you a little puffy around the eyes. Toss your facial moisturizer in the fridge while you get ready, or steep some tea bags in ice water. If you have a gel mask that you can pop in the freezer, do it.

Step 2

Take a shower, wash your hair and exfoliate your face. Cleaning up is critical to looking put-together after an all-nighter, so even if you don't feel like going through those motions, don't give up. A lazy ponytail or messy bun can make you look as haggard as you feel, so wash and style your hair as if it's just another day. Exfoliating your skin makes it look brighter, younger, firmer and rejuvenated.

Step 3

Reduce your eye puffiness with something cold -- it should be ready for you to use by now. If you chilled your moisturizer, apply it as usual under and around your eyes. Otherwise, use icy tea bags or a frozen gel mask for 10 minutes or so to eliminate the swelling.

Step 4

Conceal the evidence of your late night with a little makeup. Concealer hides the dark circles under your eyes, as well as any redness between your eyebrows or around your nose.

Step 5

Add a little color and glitz around your eyes to make yourself seem more awake than you are. Heavy eye shadow and eyeliner will only make your eyes look darker, which is the opposite of what you want -- think light, bright and shimmery eye shadows.

Step 6

Keep yourself alert throughout the day. Treat yourself to a caffeine boost every three or four hours, get plenty of sunlight and stretch your legs as much as possible to keep yourself from crashing.