Layered Hairstyles for Thick, Coarse & Curly Hair


0:04 hi everyone my name is Elaine this is

0:07 Egypt we're with lumetri kin New York

0:09 City and we're going to talk to you

0:11 about how to cut curly textured hair a

0:17 great cut but the coarse or curly hair

0:20 will be a 90 degree angle cut where as

0:23 you can see our model here has been cut

0:25 already and she just has long layers

0:28 which is kind of linear and fall over

0:32 top of each other and that's a good way

0:35 to take the bulk out but it's easy for

0:37 you to do it yourself and the style

0:39 every day thank you so much for tuning

0:42 in everyone my name is Elaine this is

0:44 Egypt with we are with Flor metric in

0:46 New York City hope this information was

0:48 helpful and useful and check us out

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