Laser Scar Removal

The popularity of laser scar removal to get unwanted scars off of the body has grown in leaps and bounds. More people are going under the laser than ever before because not only is it a logical solution for removing unwanted scars, but it is also safe and relatively low on the pain scale.


Laser therapy can work on all types of scars, including keloids (raised scars), atrophic scars (pock-marks), and hypertrophic scars (raised, pin-point scars). Keep in mind that laser scar removal is not always the best idea, as those with severe acne, rosacea or other skin disorders may experience unwanted side effects such as severe pain and redness outside of what might normally be expected with laser therapy.

How It Works

Laser scar removal is a relatively simple process. A laser moves along the length of a scar or an area full of scars, and removes the top layer of skin. The top skin layers are those that appear damaged and cause the scar to be visible. When these top layers are removed, newer, less damaged skin can be found underneath.

Laser therapy often requires more than one treatment for the best possible results, and it can take anywhere from a half-hour to two hours to complete, depending on the severity and number of scars.


When considering laser scar removal, consider the possibility of unwanted complications, including severe redness, peeling, allergic reactions and even infections. Talk to your doctor about possible side effects and the best way to avoid them.