How to Work With Fragrance Oils


0:04 hi I'm Vanessa Elise and I'm your

0:07 celebrity makeup artist and beauty

0:09 expert here in the heart of New York

0:11 City a trained Africa today we're gonna

0:14 talk about how to work with fragrance

0:16 oils have you ever wondered how to make

0:18 your own personal fragrance or even

0:21 better how to make your own personal

0:23 fragrant lotion well I'm gonna teach you

0:26 today how to not only use the essential

0:29 oils and body lotions but also with home

0:32 remedies so let's take a look at a few

0:34 components that you need to really pay

0:37 attention to when working with these

0:39 number one always have a base when

0:42 you're working with essential oils they

0:44 really need to be carried in in a base

0:46 format so for home cleaning I love to

0:49 work with distilled water and for your

0:52 body lotions something that's super

0:54 moisturizing is shea butter so start

0:56 with that as your base now with your

0:59 essential oils always choose organic and

1:02 the reason is is that when you're

1:04 dealing with oils on your skin you want

1:06 them to be in their purest state free of

1:08 contaminants and free of pesticides this

1:11 is the best way to go and lastly always

1:14 look for small batches so choose smaller

1:17 bottles I know I love to go crazy when

1:19 I'm cleaning and go for the big bottle

1:21 tactic this is key always use the

1:24 smaller bottles because with essential

1:26 oils they really lose their potency when

1:29 not used immediately or within a weeks

1:31 frame of time same thing with your body

1:34 lotions keep them for about a week and

1:36 they'll really maintain that fragrant

1:39 lovely smell that you've just grown to

1:40 love so for the home remedies we're

1:43 gonna start with a great blend of tea

1:46 tree oil and lemongrass I like to put in

1:49 about three to four drops of tea tree

1:51 oil so one two three it's really such a

1:58 fragrant and such a robust smell so I

2:02 like to always give it a top note of the

2:04 lemongrass lemongrass is so fresh and

2:06 it's so clean and when I'm cleaning I

2:09 like to know that things are clean so

2:11 with the combination of tea tree oil

2:14 which is so antifungal antimicrobial

2:16 you're really cleaning and with the

2:19 lemongrass you're getting a wonderful

2:21 fragrant smell that will last and

2:23 intoxicate you as you're cleaning so I

2:25 put in four drops of the tea tree three

2:28 of the lemongrass and then you simply

2:30 just give it a little swirl mix it

2:32 around and then you're ready to go this

2:34 is such a wonderful cleaning agent I

2:36 can't wait for you to try it give it a

2:38 little swirl you're good to go so now

2:42 for your body lotions let's make

2:43 something special I've chosen a few of

2:46 these ingredients that are wonderful for

2:48 some of the common concerns when it

2:50 comes to our bodies or things that a

2:52 lusts number one is lavender lavender is

2:55 antifungal antimicrobial and it has a

2:57 wonderful scent that's just so alluring

3:00 so I'm going to place about four drops

3:03 of the lavender in our shea butter base

3:06 one two three four

3:08 don't worry if you add a little extra

3:10 drop because it's just one more drop of

3:13 the fragrance scent and then I'm also

3:15 going to add peppermint peppermint is

3:17 wildly intoxicating it rejuvenates and

3:20 it also restores your mind

3:22 let's put about three or four drops of

3:25 it in here so one two three four there

3:29 we go

3:30 lavender and peppermint are about ready

3:33 to go give it a nice solid few shakes

3:36 this really mixes it in and as you use

3:39 it definitely give it a shake so that

3:40 all the all the oils are mixed in and

3:43 you've got a wonderful wonderful

3:45 moisturizer so that is your lavender and

3:49 peppermint and it smells amazing this is

3:53 better than anything you can buy because

3:54 it's an atoll estate it is your

3:57 essential oils now we're gonna go with a

4:00 little bit of the tea tree and lavender

4:03 tea tree is wonderful not only with

4:05 cleaning your home but also with

4:07 antifungal and treating some common

4:10 scalp and skin ailments so one two three

4:13 four five

4:14 we definitely have five drops of tea

4:16 tree oil in there and we're going to add

4:18 a little bit of lavender it's a calming

4:20 agent it's something that you find in a

4:22 multitude of products that are out there

4:25 but today we're making our own we're

4:27 going to give it

4:28 two three four five maybe six and we're

4:33 going to give it a shake a gun this is

4:36 wonderful if you have eczema things like

4:38 that any little skin irritants this

4:41 really helps to calm and soothe and with

4:43 your shea butter base it really gives

4:45 you that moisturizing benefit as well

4:47 give this a little smell it smells

4:51 wonderful and that is how you use

4:54 fragrance oils