How to Wear the Hijab

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One item that comes to mind when thinking of Islamic women's' fashion is the hijab, or head scarf, worn to cover the hair and neck. Originally, the hijab was used casually, but it became more common during the Middle Ages. Since then, the hijab has grown to include different styles, among them the pashmina hijab and Kuwaiti hijab. Hijabs come in a plethora of colors and shapes, making it a cinch to find one fitting your style. There are many ways to wear the hijab, but all methods share common steps that can be accomplished quickly.

Preparing and Wearing the Hijab

Place safety pins and your chosen hijab on a clean countertop in front of a mirror so you are able to see your progress as you put on your hijab.

Lay the hijab on your head, making sure one side is longer than the other. Be careful not to make one end too long or it will become loose as you wear it.

Pull one edge of the hijab taught across your forehead just slightly above your brow line.

Holding onto the edge of the hijab, tuck it behind your ears as you bring the two lengths of the hijab together at the base of your skull.

Pin the two sides together at the base of your skull using one safety pin. Bring the two sides of the hijab in front of your shoulder so they lay flat on your chest.

Grab the longer side of the hijab and wrap it close under your chin so no part of the neck is showing. Be sure not to pull the longer side to avoid loosening the hijab.

Wrap the longer end of the hijab around the opposite side of your head, preparing to bring it around the back of your head.

Bring the longer side around the crown of your head and back to the side you started from.

Tuck the longer side into the scarf underneath your chin. You may choose to pin the hijab here as well for extra hold, but it's not required.

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