How to Wear a Wig for Crossdressers


0:04 hi my name is flora from the zine bed

0:07 floor and we're here today with Carl and

0:09 I'm going to be showing how we can wear

0:12 wig for crossdressers you want to start

0:19 with the flora wig secure Bend this is a

0:28 curly shoulder-length style the wig Bend

0:36 keeps his hair back and the wig on is a

0:44 chin length Marilyn Monroe and another

0:50 look for crossdresser with B long hair

1:00 with bangs the best way when you do like

1:12 to wear different styles is to try to

1:14 maintain your color as much as possible

1:17 but it is possible to wear something

1:20 that is not your color and another look

1:33 as I said like to do another color this

1:39 is short and blonde as long as you cover

1:45 your sideburns

2:00 my name is flora from design by flora

2:02 and thank you for watching