How to Wash Leather Sneakers


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0:05 hi I'm Aubrey Kramer from the leather

0:08 and vinyl doctor we're here today to

0:10 talk about cleaning leather tennis shoes

0:13 or sneakers and one of the first things

0:16 you want to do with cleaning any type of

0:18 leather as it is with sneakers is to

0:21 make sure that you identify the type of

0:22 leather that you have the best way to do

0:25 that the most simplest way to do that is

0:26 to use what we call a water test and

0:28 that's to see if the water will beat up

0:30 or if it'll penetrate into the leather

0:32 if it beads up we know that we have a

0:34 finished leather which can handle most

0:36 cleaners if it penetrates into the

0:38 leather we have to be a bit more careful

0:40 and typically with your sneakers it's

0:41 going to be your suede sneakers material

0:44 leathers that are use that are a bit

0:46 unfinished that they're raw they're

0:48 going to absorb a lot of that liquid so

0:50 you have to be careful of them so the

0:51 best way to do that is to just apply few

0:53 drops of water to the outside and we

0:56 find here that this is beading up give

0:57 it a few seconds see if it starts

0:58 penetrating in this case it's just

1:01 beating up sitting on the surface I can

1:02 just wipe that off very easily it tells

1:04 me I've got to finish leather which is

1:06 pretty common for sneakers so the first

1:09 thing you want to do is get some shape

1:10 okay so we get some newspaper we're

1:12 going to scrunch that up and we stick it

1:13 inside there just to kind of get a nice

1:15 good shape on the end of the foot there

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1:27 so as you can see it's giving us a good

1:31 area to work with it's pushing out some

1:32 of those wrinkles giving us a good

1:34 surface to work with we're going to use

1:36 a water-based cleaner there's plenty of

1:38 those around if all you can get is is a

1:41 liquid soap a couple drops of that in

1:43 water that's that's fine but these are

1:45 formulated for leather they're the ideal

1:46 types of things a pH neutral water-based

1:49 cleaner now you can apply directly to

1:51 the surface but in small areas don't

1:53 don't squirt the whole thing you don't

1:55 want streaks you don't the dirt leaving

1:57 trail marks of of the cleaner as it

2:02 drips down the outside of the sneakers

2:04 now if you find that that you're not

2:07 getting some of those things clean with

2:09 just using the cloth and using your

2:11 elbow grease you know as you can see

2:13 here I'm just worried

2:14 these things here you come across a few

2:16 stains it might be a little more tricky

2:17 such as that one there if you find that

2:19 you've got some pretty tough stains and

2:21 a hard hard to get out with a bit of

2:22 elbow grease

2:23 I suggest you apply little cleaner and

2:25 using a soft brush just work that in

2:28 circular motions allowing the bristles

2:29 to get right into the curtain the nooks

2:31 and crannies they're working up a bit of

2:34 a ladder as well and your shoes will

2:37 just respond beautifully to that again

2:41 working your cloth to get rid of that

2:43 cleaner with a bit of pressure you'll

2:47 find that most stains will come out like

2:49 that work the whole shoe like that after

2:52 you've finished that get your

2:54 conditioning lotion again there's a

2:57 variety of these we're using a lanlan

2:59 heavy lanolin based product natural

3:01 product make sure doesn't have any

3:02 silicon in there apply that to a damp

3:05 cloth and then again similarly you want

3:08 to work that in circular motions not too

3:11 much pressure

3:12 I'm just working that into the shoe into

3:13 the leather you find that that just sits

3:15 on the surface it'll dry and penetrate

3:17 eventually and that is how you clean

3:19 your leather sneakers

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