How to Use Makeup to Remove the Bump on Your Nose


0:04 hi guys Chelsea Baker professional

0:07 cosmetologist of five years today I'm

0:09 going to show you some makeup tips to

0:10 hide a bump on the nose so let's say you

0:13 have a hump or a bump on your nose or

0:15 maybe you feel like your nose is a

0:16 little too far to the right or a little

0:18 too far to the left there's lots of ways

0:20 you can mask that and actually make your

0:22 nose straight take away a hump and

0:23 you're going to do that by highlighting

0:24 and contouring you're going to want to

0:27 take out a lighter color which is going

0:28 to be your highlight and you're going to

0:31 want to put that in the areas where you

0:32 want the attention drawn so we'll take

0:35 that and just kind of run it down the

0:37 side of the nose doing so on the same

0:42 side this is going to give a straighter

0:44 look I'm going to take that and blend it

0:48 just a little bit not too much I know it

0:51 looks kind of silly right now but you'll

0:53 see the full effect after we do our

0:55 contouring so blend just a little bit

1:01 then next you want to take I recommend

1:04 using a brown you can use an eyeshadow

1:09 even lipstick just a darker color and

1:12 then you're going to go right above

1:14 where you just put your highlight and do

1:19 two more lines now you're going to want

1:24 to take your brush and just kind of

1:26 blend those a little more bring it up a

1:29 little bit into the corners of the eyes

1:32 make sure you blend that nice and soft

1:40 using the same brush and just a little

1:45 bit right onto the hump of your nose and

1:51 that's just going to make it look more

1:53 natural make your nose look more

1:56 straight and kind of draw attention away

1:59 from any imperfections you might feel

2:01 you have and there you have it well

2:07 that's all there is to it how to remove

2:09 a bump from the nose using makeup if you

2:11 have any more Beauty questions feel free

2:12 to ask

2:13 you next time