How to Use Luhr Jensen Smokers

Luhr Jensen electric smokers allow almost anyone to prepare cured meats using centuries-old smoking methods. The company's signature models, Big Chief and Little Chief electric smokers, are now owned by Oregon-based Smokehouse. Models are available in different sizes for smoking and curing up to 50 pounds of meat in one session. Meats for smoking are loaded through the front door like a small refrigerator, the unit is loaded with wood chips and switched on, then left alone for a few hours. Follow these steps to use your Luhr Jensen smoker and prepare succulent cured meats, rich in flavor.

Prepare the food for smoking by rubbing any seasonings you desire into the surface of the food or soaking in brine solution, as you would for smoking fish fillets.

Load the smoker box at the bottom of the Luhr Jensen with wood chips.

Fill the water pan with water or marinade to about 1/4 inch below the top of the pan.

Place the meats to be smoked directly on the wire racks of the Luhr Jensen smoker in a single layer, leaving some space around each piece for the smoke to circulate.

Plug the smoker into a power outlet.

Set the thermostat to the desired temperature based on the recipe and meats you are using (165 F is optimal for most types of smoking).

Check the smoking meats and the water pan every 2 hours, adding water to the pan as necessary. Refill the smoker box with wood chips every 2 hours if needed.

Check the chart at for smoking times for various types and cuts of meat.