How to Use Barbicide as a Fingernail Tool Treatment

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Women go to nail salons to get beautiful, eye-catching finger and toe nails. Unfortunately, many come home with something they don't want. Nail salon tools can facilitate the spread of disease, viruses and infections, if they are not adequately sterilized and the customer's hand is accidentally cut during the treatment. Among the most popular products used in nail salons to disinfect their tools is Barbicide. It is not a sterilizer, but it is widely-used by nail salons to soak non-critical tools.

Dilute the mixture by using two parts Barbicide to 32 parts water and add it to a Barbicide jar, or another container. Immerse all items for at least 10 minutes.

Remove cuticle debris and wash the tool in soap and water. Keep Barbicide jars by the sink, rather than next to the work station, to encourage salon workers to wash the tools before placing them directly in the Barbicide.

Place the tool in the jar filled with Barbicide. The best jars include a self-draining retrieving basket that allow for the removal of clean tools without touching those that are still soaking.

Use Barbicide only for non-critical items like scissors. Do not use Barbicide on tweezers, nail or cuticle clippers, or metal cuticle pushers.