How to Use a Flour Sifter

A flour sifter is often used in cooking to help provide the correct texture in foods while baking and also to help ensure accurate measurements. They are inexpensive and very handy to have in the kitchen. It most often appears as a metal can about a foot tall, with a crank on one side.

Set the flour sifter into the bowl. Pour the desired amount of flour into the top of the flour sifter. The loose flour should be resting in the mesh basket.

Pick up the flour sifter, making sure to keep it inside the bowl. This is because the flour particles will be falling through the flour sifter, so it is the best way to have the correct measurement and to create less of a mess. Begin to crank the flour sifter slowly and carefully.

Make sure that all the flour coming through the sifter lands in the bowl. It should appear fluffy and evenly textured with no lumps. Keep cranking the flour sifter until all of the flour is through the mesh basket.

Shake the flour sifter once all the flour is cranked through to get rid of all the loose flour particles. Hit it on the inside edge of the bowl to help get all the flour out of the sifter.

Set the flour sifter aside. Clean it in the dishwasher before reusing.