How to Treat Severe Eczema


0:00 hi i'm dr. rafael Darvish with skin

0:02 packable dermatology and Cosmetic Laser

0:04 Center here in Los Angeles California

0:05 and I'm here today to discuss with you

0:07 how to treat severe eczema eczema is an

0:10 inflammatory condition on the upper

0:12 layers of the skin sometimes it's

0:14 triggered by different things such as

0:17 stress and sometimes it's just there

0:20 regardless of any particular trigger

0:22 there are a number of good treatments

0:24 for eczema the first most commonly

0:26 prescribed treatment is a topical

0:28 steroid the most potent of the topical

0:31 steroids are the class 1 steroid such as

0:33 club ADA salt and they work very well

0:36 class 2 and class 3 stars are less

0:39 potent and our prescribed generally

0:42 after a short course of a class one

0:44 steroid so the doctor will prescribe a

0:46 class 1 steroid maybe for like a week 10

0:48 days and transition the patient to a

0:51 class 2 a class 3 steroid because

0:53 intense or potent steroid creams can

0:56 cause thinning of the skin or telling

0:58 ectasias which are broken capillaries in

1:01 in the area treated by a steroid cream

1:04 for a prolonged period of time in the

1:06 case where you're responding to the

1:09 steroids but you can't be on them long

1:11 term because of the side effects of the

1:14 thinning of the skin and the telling

1:15 ectasias and such that your doctor may

1:17 opt to put you on a topical calcineurin

1:19 inhibitors such as takraw Lumis works

1:22 very well not as well as the steroids in

1:25 general but you don't have the side

1:27 effects anti-aging cream is also helpful

1:29 if if you have a lot of symptoms of

1:32 itching in the case where the steroids

1:34 and the topical calcineurin inhibitors

1:36 don't work you have other options

1:39 oral options include oral prednisone

1:42 they help to really calm down the

1:44 situation this is something that you

1:45 would take for a short course or even

1:47 for longer than that but generally is a

1:49 short course and it just helps to calm

1:50 the situation down secondly there are

1:53 UVA and psoralen UVA or Pula treatments

1:56 that are available and helpful and

1:59 lastly the most intense treatments are

2:03 some oral medicines such as methotrexate

2:05 and cyclosporine that are very intense

2:08 very rarely used but reserved for the

2:11 most intense of patients with eczema so

2:14 you can talk to your dermatologist and

2:16 see if that's something that's right for

2:17 you I'm doctor Rothfeld Darvish and it's

2:20 a brief overview on how to treat treat

2:21 severe eczema thank you