Examples of Aggressive Body Language

by Michelle Roth

Learn what aggressive body language looks like and how to read body language in this free video on body language communication skills.

About the Author

Dr. Michelle Roth is licensed Psychologist and relationship expert. She engages in clinical work at her Los Angeles office and has also become a radio and television psychologist more recently. Dr. Roth has helped couples, families, and friends for over 12 years with their relationship problems. She says of her work: <p> "I have found that there are proven methods of successfully communicating with others to greatly help relationships. Creating successful relationships also involves changing our body language, the negative assumptions we have about others, making sure others understand what we are saying, clarifying what they mean and learning about self destructive behaviors. Being able to create better relationships helps us feel happier and more in control over our lives. It helps eliminate the unnecessary anxiety, depression and worry that comes from feeling frustrated with others who we have issues with."