How to Tie a Ladies Scarf


0:00 hey are you a lady I'm Wendy brass well

0:03 the beauty and style expert I'm here

0:06 today to show you how to tie a lady

0:08 scarf I love scarves you probably have

0:12 tons in your drawer and don't know what

0:13 to do with them I'm gonna show you today

0:15 three simple steps how to feel like a

0:17 lady plus how to wear a scarf like a

0:20 lady

0:20 this one is beautiful I love color

0:23 enough with the black ladies let's do a

0:25 little color that's what you want to add

0:27 with the scarf a little punch of color

0:28 to look feminine this is great

0:31 lightweight first of all you're gonna

0:32 take your scarf and you're just gonna

0:34 fold it in half second you're gonna put

0:37 it around your neck

0:40 now we're gonna kind of just drape it

0:42 around her shoulders and tie it you want

0:46 to secure the tie like that and you want

0:50 to put it off-center that's one way to

0:51 wear a lady scarf and really feel like a

0:53 lady this is great for day your going to

0:55 a luncheon you have something strapless

0:58 or showing your shoulders it adds a

0:59 little bit of color but actually a

1:01 little bit of warmth okay that's one way

1:03 to wear it the second way is you're

1:05 gonna pull the shoulders up and around

1:07 your neck go ahead and pull your hair

1:09 out if you have a lot of hair like Jody

1:11 and I love this down below the best the

1:16 bust area now if this is your thinnest

1:18 part tip ladies this will make you look

1:20 even thinner because your Kamath izing

1:22 this and you're opening up the neck when

1:24 you open the neck and elongate you look

1:26 thinner tip two now so that's the second

1:29 step for a lady scar third all you're

1:33 gonna do is bring that loop up very

1:34 simple around the neck and let's take it

1:37 off center much more interesting keeps

1:40 the neck open and you have the drape

1:42 going to one side of the body love it

1:45 adds color definition a little bit of

1:47 style and pizzazz scarfs are on trend

1:49 she looks beautiful

1:50 but if you want more style tips I have

1:52 plenty on my website you can find me at

1:54 Wendy brass welkom