How to Tell Real Gems From Fakes

colourful gems image by OMKAR A.V from

Gemstones are very expensive, which is why before purchasing one, you have to be careful. There are a lot of gemstones that may look real, but unless you inspect it well enough you will not really know that it is a faux gem. Due to that, a lot of people may sell a person a fake gem at a high price insisting that it is real. To avoid being scammed, you have to know how to tell real gems from fakes.

Get a loupe and observe the gemstone. The loupe, which is similar to a magnifying glass, will make the gemstone look many times larger.

Look closely at the color of the gem. Look at it from all angles. A real gemstone’s color is even all throughout. Most fake gems are dyed, which can sometimes be obviously seen through the uneven coloring. You should have enough lighting in order to be able to take note of the color of the gemstone.

Look under the gemstone if it is set in a piece of jewelry. It is essential to have the gem removed from the setting, since that will be the only way that you can see if there is a foil underneath. A lot of scammers put foil underneath a gemstone to make it look brighter and shinier.

Think about the price that was offered to you. If the amount of the gemstone that is being offered to you sounds too cheap or too good to be true, most probably it is a faux gem. Real gems are very expensive.