How to Steam Artichokes

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How to Steam Artichokes. Artichokes are high in cynarin, which lowers cholesterol and is good for the liver and gallbladder. Steaming, since it involves little water, helps to retain the nutrients of the artichokes during cooking.

Cut about an inch off the top of each artichoke.

Cut off base and remove small outer leaves, if desired.

Pour an inch of water and a lemon wedge into steamer and allow to boil.

Place artichokes into vegetable steamer, tips up.

Cover and cook for 25 to 40 minutes.

Cut into base of each artichoke to check that it is soft, and make sure inside leaves can be pulled out easily.

Cook five minutes more if artichokes are not done, and then check again, repeating as necessary.

Drain artichokes upside down on paper towel.


  • Add garlic cloves to the boiling water if desired. You can substitute lemon juice for a lemon wedge. Pressure-steaming artichokes is easy and only takes about 15 minutes.

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