How to Spot Fake Davidoff Cologne

Every kind of counterfeit good exists in the world. Not only is counterfeit money passed around from time to time, but fake clothing, fake bags and even fake medicine and food are sold in some places in the world. Not surprisingly, brand name perfumes and colognes, such as Davidoff cologne, are also choices for counterfeiting. Not only is buying counterfeit cologne annoying it can also be harmful. Fake cologne and perfume can contain bacteria and even toxic chemicals like antifreeze. Protect yourself from fakes and be sure you're buying the real Davidoff cologne.

Examine the packaging for defects. The package should use the company design and fonts and should have a UPC code. If the box is wrapped in plastic, then the plastic should be neat and thin without any glue showing. The packaging on fake colognes is often messy.

Look for cheap and fake parts on the cologne bottle. Fakes may not be able to adequately copy the real cologne bottle and may have rough edges or lack the name on the bottle. Fake bottles may have a cheap plastic nozzle that requires effort to spray the cologne. A real bottle will have an easy-to-use nozzle.

Open the bottle and examine the liquid. Real cologne should be clear, but fake cologne is often murky and may even have debris floating in the bottle. Spray some of the cologne onto your hand. Compare it to the scent of Davidoff cologne. Is it the same? If it is different or pungent, it is likely a fake.